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Canadian Hispanic Congress
Celebrating Diversity, Unity, and Collaboration Across Borders

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Canadian Hispanic Congress

The Canadian Hispanic Congress (CHC) is a national organization established to represent the interests of more than one million Spanish-speaking people, multiple generations, with origins in more than twenty different countries, now living in Canada.

The CHC was incorporated federally on August 15th, 1983, as a non-profit corporation. The name “Canadian Hispanic Congress” was selected over others because it establishes that the use of the Spanish language is the common element that brings together organizations and individuals with origins in more than 20 different countries.

The purpose of the CHC is:

  • To represent Hispanic Canadians and defend their well-being in Canada.
  • To coordinate the work of Hispanic organizations in Canada.
  • To strive to ensure that members of the Hispanic community participate fully in Canada's political, economic, social, and cultural life.
  • To nurture, strengthen and extend Hispanic cultures based on Hispanic traditions and beliefs.
  • To render assistance to new Hispanic immigrants adjusting to life in Canada.
  • To support organizations and associations of youth of Hispanic origin with reference to Hispanic history, culture and national traditions.
  • To increase Canadian society’s awareness of the fact that although the members of the Hispanic community are bonded by the use of Spanish as a common language, their cultures, traditions, and beliefs are as diverse and different as the countries of their origin.
  • To persuade the Canadian government and its agencies to recognize the autonomy of the various individual Hispanic communities and their need to operate as such.
  • To familiarize Canadian society with the contributions of the Hispanic peoples to the culture and civilization of the world.
  • To strengthen the bonds between Hispanic Canadians among themselves and other Canadians based on official the policy of multiculturalism.
  • To defend the name of the Hispanic nations and to propagate their historical truth.
  • To propagate and defend the rights of the Hispanic Nations to independence and full freedom within the idea of the Declaration of Human Rights of the United Nations.
  • To maintain contact with the Hispanic Nations while retaining full independence from political influence.
  • To receive, acquire and hold donations, gifts, legacies, and bequests to be used to devote to the sole purpose of the attainment of the aforesaid objects.


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