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Preserving Heritage, Fostering Understanding


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  • To create, operate, and sustain an innovative Virtual Museum, making it a central repository that showcases the rich history and contributions of the Hispanic-Latin American community in Canada.

  • To comprehensively gather, curate, and exhibit a wide array of elements, encompassing arts, culture, science, sports, and academia, reflecting the community's journey since the 1500s.

  • To provide an educational and immersive experience through cutting-edge digital and virtual reality platforms.

  • To actively encourage and incorporate community contributions, thereby enriching the museum's diverse and vibrant content.

  • To secure ongoing support and resources, ensuring the museum's continual growth and relevance.


  • To emerge as a leading digital beacon in cultural preservation, celebrating the diverse heritage of Hispanic-Latin Americans in Canada.

  • To forge transformative partnerships with academic institutions and spearhead innovative research and development in digital technology and virtual reality.

  • To authentically represent the rich tapestry of the community, highlighting the voices and experiences of individuals from diverse backgrounds, including those of different socio-political, economic, and racial origins.

  • To champion gender equality and empowerment, with a special focus on uplifting women, youth, and seniors, recognizing their vital contributions.

  • To establish itself as a dynamic and inclusive platform, enlightening and engaging audiences worldwide and proudly showcasing the vibrant and evolving narrative of the Hispanic-Latin American community in Canada.