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The Canadian Hispanic Latin American Virtual Museum (CHLAVM) offers a tremendous opportunity for heritage to be shared globally while modernizing museum engagement. Since CHLAVM has laid the groundwork for digital archival and virtual cultural experiences, I hope more organizations follow its lead and bring the world’s diverse heritage to life.
Ahmed Sagarwala
Ahmed Sagarwala Ahmed (Am) Sagarwala, Associate Dean Interaction Design
Join us at the CHLAVM to celebrate the vibrant spirit of Hispanic-Latin America. Experience the rich tapestry of music, dance, and art that binds us together in a celebration of diversity and community. Let's create unforgettable memories!
Isabel Cuellar
Isabel Cuellar Founder and Executive Director, Mississauga Latin Festival
What a show! Both of us come from the world of information technology and are not easily impressed by the 'latest', but we were dazzled by the scope and the complexity of the project. The final product looks incredible. Keram's skills clearly go beyond just technology.
Andrew Piekarski
Andrew Piekarski Andrew Piekarski, Director of Marketing Communications, retired
Dive into the heart of Hispanic Latin-American culture in Canada! Discover the rhythm, art, and flavours that celebrate our rich heritage and unite us in diversity.
Daniel Garcia Herreros
Daniel Garcia Herreros Daniel Garcia Herreros, Director Pan American Food and Music Festival
What an excellent way to share the culture with a large audience not only in Toronto but the whole world. It was wonderful to learn about the traditions of Bolivia, Ecuador and Uruguay through the costumes and stories of those who keep the heritage alive here. Congratulations on an outstanding Virtual Museum. A truly amazing accomplishment!
Victoria Melnyk
Victoria Melnyk Dr. Victoria Melnyk, Barrister, Solicitor
I congratulate the Virtual Museum for this initiative, which is so necessary for our Hispanic-Latin American community in Canada. I am confident that the content of this museum will highlight the great economic and cultural contributions made by our community over the last 50 years.
Isabel Inclan
Isabel Inclan Journalist, The Essential Channel

Heritage Ceremonial Costumes:
Keeping Identity Alive in Canada

Heritage Ceremonial Costumes: Keeping Identity Alive in Canada marks the premiere of the Canadian Hispanic Latin-American Virtual Museum. This ground-breaking immersive exhibition invites you to discover the vibrant heritage of diverse communities that have brought their traditions to Canada to be shared with you. Feel free to explore, learn, and be inspired.    

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A U D I O V I S U A L   S E R I E S


Inti Raymi icon


Our collection of Inti Raymi videos offers an in-depth exploration of this captivating religious and cultural celebration and provides insights into the history of Inti Raymi in Canada. They shed light on the collaborative efforts behind the creation and acquisition of the stunning costumes and their symbolism, particularly of those worn by central figures like the devil Huma and by Andean men and women who participate in these celebrations. Additionally, they discuss the positive impact that this celebration has had on not only the Hispanic Latin-American community but also on Canadian society by fostering cultural exchange and mutual understanding. The videos invite you to immerse yourself in the mystical world of Inti Raymi in Canada, where tradition, culture, and community come together.

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Candombe icon


Our series of Candombe videos offers an enlightening journey into this vibrant cultural tradition. They relate the stories of how Candombe first arrived in Canada and its evolution through the years in Montreal and Toronto from its origins in Montevideo, Uruguay. They provide fascinating details about the efforts of group members to create and acquire striking costumes to be worn by key characters who perform in the Candombe Ensemble, like the drummers, the revered Mama Vieja, and the charismatic Vedettes. Moreover, these videos explain the significance of preserving this cherished celebration in Canada, which nurtures cultural appreciation, and mutual understanding among members of Canadian society. The videos invite you to reflect on Candombe’s past, present, and future as it continues to thrive in Canada.

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Diablada icon


Our collection of Diablada videos explores this fascinating celebration originating in Oruro, Bolivia. Throughout the series, we describe how various groups brought this mystical and dynamic tradition to Canada, with the Bolivian Club playing a leading role in the 1970s. The meticulous efforts of folkloric groups to create elaborate costumes in Canada are also described, as well as the challenges of bringing costumes from Bolivia, especially those used by key figures such as Lucifer and Ñaupa Supay. These videos highlight the profound impact of the Diablada in Canada, celebrating its role in strengthening community ties and appreciation among the diverse cultures and ethnicities that make up Canadian society. They also capture the essence of the music and dances that make Diablada celebrations a unique and unforgettable experience. Our series reaffirms our commitment to preserve and pass on the rich cultural legacy of the Diablada in Canada.

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Elvira Sanchez de Malicki
Elvira Sanchez de Malicki
President CHLAVM

Our Collective Journey

Welcome to the Canadian Hispanic-Latin American Virtual Museum, where innovation, creativity, and time-honoured tradition merge in a virtual space driven by cutting-edge technologies.

Your legacy is key to our collective journey. We invite recognized leaders in all fields across Canada to help CHLAVM grow into a true source of pride and inspiration.

Let's share our valuable contributions to Canada in a space that is both far-reaching and accessible to all.

Enjoy the journey!
+ Cultural Preservation

To safeguard and promote the diverse heritage of the Hispanic-Latin American community within Canada, ensuring their stories, traditions, and contributions are preserved for future generations.

+ Education

To educate and raise awareness among Canadians about the richness and diversity of the Hispanic-Latin American culture, fostering cross-cultural understanding and appreciation.

+ Digital Accesibility

Leveraging digital technologies to provide universal access to the museum's resources enables individuals from all backgrounds and locations to engage with and benefit from the cultural offerings.

+ Community Engagement

To actively engage with and empower Hispanic-Latin American communities across Canada, fostering collaboration, dialogue, and mutual support.

+ Cross-Cultural Exchange

To serve as a platform for meaningful cross-cultural exchange between the Hispanic-Latin American culture and other cultural groups within Canada, promoting dialogue, collaboration, and celebrating diversity.

Our Pillars

Cultural Heritage Preservation
Upholding the rich heritage of Hispanic-Latin American communities within Canada by preserving artifacts, stories, and traditions for future generations.
Digital Accessibility and Innovation
Leveraging digital platforms to ensure universal access to museum resources, fostering engagement, and utilizing innovative approaches to showcase and celebrate Hispanic-Latin American culture.
Community Engagement
Actively engaging with Hispanic-Latin American communities across Canada, empowering them to contribute, collaborate, and shape the narrative of their cultural heritage within the museum.

I N T I   R A Y M I


L A   D I A B L A D A